Alphabet Series- C

So…….. who watch the Superbowl…NOT ME.  Me personally, not a sports fan…but I have family who watch and/or participate in sports and if I was home, I would prolly watch them play, especially football, basketball but wrestling…no way…way to dangerous…grandson broke a arm in a meet and than when he got cleared to play, the opponent decided to pull on the healed arm…thankfully Dad pulled him out of the meet ….

Anyhoooooooo. enough of the rant about sports!  Here is another file in the Alphabet Series to share with you…

Click here for this version
I’m not sure yet what D will be…either a diaper and diaper pin, or something else entirely..
Thank you for stopping by and soon will be counting down ’til I see my son and family. They hopefully will be coming down this way on leave before they all head for Korea for 2 years.  Can’t wait to see my granddaughters….

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