Valentine’s Day – Not a Card

Glass Etching

 First one is a glass etching using your hearts that I joined together  … I was into creating candles this  year, and etched a double heart onto opposite corners.

Hanging Heart Box

 Next one is a Heart Shaped Hanging Heart for treats…I used the heart file from Creative Pointe on the front of this Heart Box and placed a pink button in the center of the heart.  The pattern for the heart box is a design by © Juliet Mascarenhas..

Another Heart Shape Box

The next Heart shaped box is…a little different.  I thought it was going to be a square box with a heart closure but turned out to be something similar to the Heart Shaped Hanging Heart….I cut out the Valentine shape, resizing each heart to layer. Once again I used the same file from Creative Pointe
This shows both boxes side-by-side. 

Lollipop Cover

Front view.
Back view.
 Now last but not least, this is a Lollipop cover…a small covering in the shape of a heart with a heart shape on the front and back that can be included with Valentine Cards for school Valentine parties or for your little ones.This could also be used as topper for a Valentine’s Cupcake for school treats. I added a bit of adhesive to the paper around the lollipop and attached to the cover. 
Thank you for stopping by visit with me today, and hugs to all.


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