BAP #26 – Christmas Theme

Good morning…over here at Creative Kuts Fan Page we have been working on Christmas In July themes…and this week’s project was a card using a little girl image with three rectangles elements, plus the label-tag that the girl was placed on.  After about 5 card bases, and a lot of frustration and tears, I finally came up with this design…

BAP #26- Christmas in July
Originally used black pearl beads to cover up boo-boos, but Cheryl pointed out that white beads would look like falling snow…sooo went into my stash and used the white gems and replaced all the black beads with the white and it does give it some appearance of falling snow.
Please stop on over at Creative Kuts Fan Page to see what other cool work is being displayed by the Design Team members and fans.  Each Monday a new BAP comes out, you become a  follower of Creative Kuts and request the next file and play along with the rest of us.  We have created mini-albums, and scrapbook page layouts, and this is the first card as Cheryl just started up a Card Design Team which I am the leader of…
Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you all over at Creative Kuts on Facebook.  Hugs to all.


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