Barn with Chicken and Rooster

Good Sunday morning…today is the day my son and family will be arriving … actually sometime tonight, hopefully around 10 p.m. The day has finally arrived!!!  And I am soooooooo excited….can u tell?  But he informed me on the phone yesterday, that 2 weeks from tomorrow, Monday 26, they will be Korea!  Pray that the next 2 yrs will go super fast…..:-)

I worked up this Barn with a chicken and rooster, and added silhouettes of the birds as well …. for a scrapbook page of a visit to a farm or zoo, or if u live on a farm …

Click here for download
Zip file includes svg, mtc, scut2, and scut3 format, and for personal use only.
Thank you for visiting with me today, and I will be, as mentioned in the previous post, MIA … but will try to check back when I can.  Hugs to all, and have a blessed day.

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