Another Card and free file

Recently I was looking at Club CK and decided to sign up for a die-cut swap where we use die-cutters or punches and make up die-cuts to send to a group…this is a group of 20 people that sign up and right now it’s at 17…here is the link if anyone is interested in the Club/Forum…

You do have to look a little for the letter ‘o’…covered it with a butterfly…should’ve brought the butterfly down just a tad-bit …. next one will be corrected!!
Here is a photo of the free file I am offering to u today….for your personal use only.
Please, please let me know if you have problems downloading the file…in your comments supply your e-mail and I will send to u as a personal file download.  I do check my blog on a daily basis, and more than once during each day for comments, etc.  
Occasionally I have problems with my antivirus software claiming a malware threat when I am attempting a download from a website, but I’m almost wondering if it’s the software set up to prevent hidden ads/snoopers as I call them from downloading….
I clean up my laptop on a weekly basis…getting rid of the websites that attach themselves to my system…and scan for virus and I have a ‘clean’ system…no virus, etc.  Now I use for my downloads (they’re free to use and I love free) and it could be the antivirus software not recognizing that website.  Don’t know…
Zip file includes svg, mtc, scut2 and scut3 formats.  
Thank you for stopping by and blessings to you today.

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