Store Additions

I have open the Granny Ma’s Creations Store  (just click on the tab at top of blog and it will take you to the store) and in the process of adding my files and any type of handmade cards to the ‘shelves’.  Would love to have you stop on over and check me out, and if you see anything you would like to purchase, please do so.

I have just finished listing 9 variations of Valentine Cards to the store and would love to sell them out.  Money will go into my savings account for use later.

The cards come with a envelope to use for mailing.  I left the inside blank for the customer to use their own sentiment.  Just a basic card for Valentines..nothing fancy.

Now I am going to post some pics of our back yard here in Alabama…wish it was SNOW!!!

Now, of course, if this was snow, we would really have a mess.  Water over the road where it is low which is flash flooded areas.

Thank you for stopping by, and hugs to all.


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