Day after Christmas

and all thru the house…nothing was stirring…not even a mouse…it all quiet….tummys full, and gifts opened and  put away….

Relaxing b/4 going back to work, whevever that may be…school lunch room or classroom…

And here is the file for sale in my store…a Train engine to use in your cards or scrapbooks or for a vinyl art on the walls…

Train Engine
Item has been moved to Granny Ma’s Store.
Occasionally, I am going to list some of my free files in my store for a small fee after they have been here for a week, but generally I will be offering free files.  Plus I am going to go thru my list of files that r listed on Cut and Create and offer files at a discount and the free files listed there will be changed to reflect a small fee.  Please stop by Cut and Create and click on Granny Ma’s Creations link in left side bar and check out my listing of files. 
Thank you for visiting with me, and hugs to all.

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