Merry Christmas, 2011

Merry Christmas to all…and hope u all have a Happy New Year.  I finished part of my granddaughter’s Christmas gift which I will fill with Hershey Kisses and a gift card  from Wal-mart.

 Side one
 Front side with window
 Side two
Side three with sentiment
I think it’s too friggin’ cute.  And Kassidy’s sister, Alexis requested I make a big heart and a box of kisses, so I plan to make up another Chinese take out box with hearts all over…I know, I know … it’s more of a Valentine’s decor, but I am going with the request… I plan to have a pic of myself printed and added to the center of a big heart card…

Check back tomorrow sometime….for the next freebie…(I decided that there wasn’t enough of train pieces to go for five days, so it will be individual freebies….I apologize.)

Thank you for stopping by and once I have Alexis’ box finish I will post it…another day or two.  Hugs and Happy Holidays to all.

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