My freebies

I had been creating a freebie, leaving it on my blog for 3 days to a weeks’ time and than put into my store inventory, but have decided that the freebies will stay posted permanently and occasionally will submit to the store inventory from my creations that I am working on.

I will be sharing a freebie this coming Saturday of a Vintage Woman Silhouette and than will move onto Halloween files next week along with Thanksgiving files.

I am wanting to share more of my work freely … not tie myself down with trying to fill my store inventory …

Also, if anyone is interested in the butterfly I had posted, here is the link for the download (I removed from the store inventory) along with the picture.


If u know of anybody who would enjoy this cut file please direct them to my blog.  Thank you and {{huggs}} to all


3 thoughts on “My freebies

  1. This is such a lovely butterfly. I followed the link from Inkscapes cutting design forum. Thank you for the time and effort in making this and then sharing it!

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