My Giraffe Baby Album Cover

You will recognize this project as the one I created for  and is posted on her blog this past Tuesday.  I didn’t like the edges looking so rough or unfinished so I made a 3/4 inch strip of paper to go around the edges, both front and back covers.  Than on the inside of both covers I pasted in cardstock on the front cover, and found a scrapbook kit from that was especially ‘made’ for this project…lol.  It’s called My Reflections Paper Packet Animal Cookies (probably retired since I had this kit for over two years.) It was stuck away in my top drawer of dresser waiting for me to find it….


Now does anyone know how to keep the trim ‘glued’ down on the backcover edges…it ‘insists’ on separating from the cover and I used double-sided scotch tape and Elmer’s wood glue to glue it down?  I will be purchasing regular Elmer’s glue next week when I get my ss check!!! Smile

Thank you for looking and hope you all have a blessed day.


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