Happy Ground Hog Day!!  I have another file to share…just the svg file right now.  The cut for Sure Cuts A Lot will be worked on tomorrow. I will start with a picture of what it should look like when you finish it to your design…the fence and country digital can be either printed out with your printer, or you can us Cri-Kits Gel Pens to draw in the design.  I would attempt to use the print and cut for the fence but not sure about the cutting around the fence and I have the fence on the card base already in a shadow effect.  I will work with this later and post it at that time.  Since this blessed blog is not cooperating with me (I wish Google would look at the format of WordPress!!) I will include the digital images here as well.

Here are the cut files for you….

Gate to the World card base.svg
Gate to the World.svg
countryside digital.png

I will post the SCAL2 file tomorrow once I create it.  There is a lot of breaking apart and combining to do with the different files. The digital pic and fences need to be broken apart from svg in order to cut the base out.

Once you have cut the file out and designed it, the fences are folded across the front of the card.  Flowers can be popped onto the front of the fence.

 Thank you.


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  1. i found you through blog hopping, and GLAD i did! i am just getting back into card making and am new to the Cricut machine too. i LOVE these fences and thank you for sharing them. hoping you have a WONDERFUL evening! 🙂

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