I am playing around this morning with digitals while waiting for news from both sisters who have a stressful day to face…one a dr’s appt to view her options from the CT Scan she had last week; and the younger sister re:her job at a local bank in Chicago.  Keeping my mind busy so I don’t worry which is hard to do.

Here is what I am/was working on … I ended up creating this .png file in Inkscape as Paint and Abode Photoshop Elements was not cooperating for me!  In fact, I am still learning how to create files in Paintshop Elements and need to have the Dummies book at my side!  LOL  Plus my mind is no cooperating where I need to copy and paste.

I do have my problems with Inkscape but I keep plugging away and learn what I can. 

Thank you for looking.


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