Good morning…I have another file to share.  I have been learning the new feature in SCAL2…Print and Cut.  Thanks to a blogger: Paper Pastime and DLHill,   she had this video and a written tutorial for Print and Cut in Scal2 that is very easy to follow and I thank her so much for this.  Now, to be honest, since I am on vacation in Kansas (have been here since December 2010 and ready to go home!) I have not had the opportunity to test this due to my Cricut Expression is at home.  I’m soooo excited about getting home and using my new toy…I upgraded from a Cricut Personal to a Expression.

Here is two scut2 files….one with a oval and another square.  I intentionally used a digital that you would have to color in with watercolors, chalk or whatever you desire.  My printer does not have any colored ink and it’s sooo expensive that I prefer to print in black and white and than color in.  Or you can use Cri-Kit Gel Pens for the outlining.

 watercan with flowers.scut2
watercan with flowers.oval.scut2


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